A villager who “improve” beehives by himself

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A villager who “improve” beehives by himself



I visited Mr. Percy’s house in Laos to investigate vegetation about beekeeping in February 2018.

I told the head at the village “I want to know blossoms in the village,” and he introduced to me Mr. Percy who was familiar with blossoms.

Photo: Mr. Percy during an interview about vegetation. (photo by Esumi)
“It is currently the dry season but there are the most blossoms in this season,” Mr. Percy told me first.

“This village has blossoms of peach, plum, pear, chestnut, silverberry, lime, and coffee.

However, it snowed last year and it is colder than average this year, so some colonies of bees died,” Mr. Percy went on.


While I was disappointed to hear that, Mr. Percy told me “I am making a beehive by hollowing out a log for coldness prevention and by installing a strip of board in the ceiling for ease of collecting honey,” he told me.

I was surprised and very happy to hear that.

There were around 30 beehives in front of the cabin, the pillars of which were made of cases of cluster bombs.

The beehives were two kinds of that I’ve given him in a training session in December, one is a traditional Laotian beehives and the other one he made by himself after the training.

I was impressed that there are people working to improve beehive based on the knowledge and skills he has acquired from the training and tried beekeeping.

There are bees in some beehives and they are putting their all into collecting honey.

Photo: an original beehive made by Mr. Percy (photo by Itagaki)

Laotian forest which has bees are making villagers’ life sustainable and more resilient.
We try to continue supporting to arrange nature which is ease for bees to live and help villagers to do their best.
The writer/Asian project manager

Tai Ezumi


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