The place to study for children leading the future

Asian report/March 2018

-The place to study for children leading the future-


In the activity to heighten the degree of resilience in the village, Terrarenaissance provide education supports to reduce the chain of poverty. We could construct school and kindergarten and give them implements for studying. That is thanks to your supports.

In this March, “Landmine-Zero Miyazaki” collected writing implements and we distributed them to children in kindergarten in Preah Put village and children in Srae Sdau primary school.


(Photo by Tsuda: children given writing implements, Preah Put village)

Srae Sdau primary school was constructed 4 years ago. Until then, there was no school in the village and children had to go school which they could not go alone. This is because a few children could go to school.


Now, 79 students study at school.

“Children who mostly could not go to school 4 years ago study very well at school now. Some students can get good score. Some students continue to junior high school. It is very nice. Thank you very much”, the teacher told us.

The teacher said, “some students cannot come here today, so we want to have the leftovers for them by distributing not all writing implement. If we can have more leftovers, we pass them to students who can get good score on the exam and motivate the students.”


(Photo by Tsuda: children are waiting for receiving writing implements in a line, Srae Sdau primary school)

The teacher said that some students drop out of school by the reason of economic condition.

Students who had dropped out came to school on that day and they talk with their teachers about their present situation. Teachers believe they will come back to school someday and keep relationships with students.


Writer/the intern in Asian project

Risa Tsuda


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